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Download YouTube Playlists

Convert any YouTube playlist link into any type of video (or audio) file! Viddly YouTube playlist downloader lets you download any YouTube playlist with a single click!

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Windows 10 64-bit or later is required


How To Download YouTube Playlists?

Although YouTube allows you to download some videos for offline viewing within their Android or iOS app (only if you have YouTube Premium, and only for watching on the same device that downloaded them), you'll need Viddly if you want to turn whole YouTube playlists into actual files on your device.

Step 1: Install Viddly YouTube Playlist Downloader

Click the button to download Viddly's installer. You can install it like you would any other application by double-clicking the file. We continuously scan and monitor our servers to make sure that the download is secure.

Step 2: Select a YouTube Playlist

Paste in your YouTube playlist link.


Viddly will recognize that it is a playlist and will schedule downloading of all videos found on that playlist.

Step 3: Smash the download button!

By default, Viddly will download your playlist as separate MP4 video files in 1080p quality, but you can choose to download in 4K or 8K if these are available. That's much better than online MP4 downloaders, which are limited to 720p!


You can also:

  • Download YouTube shorts

  • Download YouTube live streams

  • Download in multiple formats (f.i. audio and video files at the same time)

Windows 10 64-bit or later is required

YouTube Playlist Downloader

Use Viddly YouTube to MP4 video converter to turn any YouTube URL into an MP4 file that you can view on any device!

Free to Use!

Viddly is a YouTube playlist downloader and video converter that can download all types of videos from YouTube... Completely free! There is a Viddly pricing plan if you want to schedule downloads or need more advanced video-downloading features!

From 720p or 1080p to 4K (or even 8k) Quality

When downloading your YouTube playlists you can pick any resolution of your choice! From 720p to 1080p and even 2K, 4K or 8K mp4 videos.

MP4/3, AVI, MOV and More!

Viddly supports all most popular video and audio file formats. You can choose your needed file type before each download!

Fast Downloads

Viddly is a high-end YouTube playlist downloading software that makes sure you can make your videos download ultra-fast!

Convert Local Files to MP4/3

Our YouTube video downloader also works for local video/audio files, so you convert your files into different video or audio formats.

Secure Downloader

To make sure you get the most secure YouTube playlist downloading experience, our app will allow you to securely download videos to your PC/Mac and then move them to any mobile device (if you need it!).

More YouTube Downloader Features

Millions of YouTube creators, social media users, YouTube premium users, YouTube channel owners who use YouTube Studio, and other video editing professionals are using Viddly for work or fun every day! Viddly is one of those amazing optimized third-party apps that makes sure you are using your YouTube application to the fullest! It is easy to download YouTube videos using Viddly.

Viddly is meant to download videos that are copyright-free, or for fair-use purposes.
We do not condone downloading copyrighted material unless you (a) are the content owner, (b) have obtained consent from the content owner, or (c) plan to use the materials for fair use only.



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