How to Uninstall Viddly

We are sad so see you go!
You can find tutorials on how to remove VDownloader from your devices below.

Step 1 - Open Windows Settings

Press ⊞ Win Key or go to Start menu.
Type in settings and go to Settings app.

Hoe YouTube-video's te downloaden met Viddly - voltooid!

Step 2 - Find Installed Apps

In the search bar of settings menu, type in "Programs" and click on "Add or remove programs".

YouTube-video's downloaden met Viddly - Stap 2

Step 3 - Find And Delete Viddly

In the Installed Apps menu, search for Viddly. Click on three dots next to Viddly and click Uninstall.

Follow the uninstall process to completely remove Viddly software from your computer.

YouTube-video's downloaden met Viddly - Stap 3